Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Now I don't know about you but i have gotten pretty sick of hearing how we have to "go vote for our favourite players" for the 08 all-star game in New York. First of all I'm not going to vote three weeks into the season when only a couple players have cracked 10 homers, I'm going to wait until the last possible moment. Second, I completely disagree with the number of times one can vote. It should one vote per person. I see this as a bias towards the big market teams with much larger and dedicated (lest be serious the limit would be at 100 if it weren't for these fans) fan base, i don't want to see the Yankees/Red Sox vs. Cubs/Dodgers game. It's as if we are little kids being reminded over and over to make our beds, they are almost turning it into a chore. They turned something enjoyable into a chore with over promotion, I'd be alot more upset if I haven't seen stuff like this happen before. The thing is though this wont happen because we are baseball fans, first and foremost. Oh, and don't forget to vote for this years mid...*cough* post what you think.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abbreviate This!

I was watching the lakers *cough* kobe- Utah game the other night and noticed on the score the lakers were represented as LAL, what happened to the old LAK which got me to thinking. The team abbreviation is it necessary, if you ask me it seems like an over the top OCD-like symptom. If you try and tell me it's because spelling the teams name would take to much space all i would do is point to the 2-inch think sports ticker at the bottom of the screen that seemingly gets bigger with more bells and whistles then the hd plasma that it's being shown on. Even in my fantasy baseball league i see them except the yankees are NYA and the mets are NYN for some reason. I say we try spelling it out, just to see, maby we will be able to see four players in gold uni's pretend like they have an impact on the outcome. Let me know what you think.

Who? Jays Baseball

Over the weekend i caught a few games of the blue jays-indians series on sportsnet. Now, I've always been a jays fan but this year I dont feel like im watching the jays. it felt like some two-bit minor league team who wasnt in kansas anymore. For obvious reasons this was because of thier out right impatent offence at opne point held scoreless for 31 innings straight. Yes that did bother me but this was about something more, while listening to Jamie Campbell do his best "average announcer" impression listing the lineup i thought to myself, these arent the jays who are these people. Barajas catching, wikerson in left, who couldnt catch a cold out there, Velandia at short, Scutaro and inglett aswell. but that didnt bother me as much as the addition on kevin mench, am I then only one who remembers mench cutting down doc halladay a few years back during a phenominal streak of pichting and in turn stole a cy young from him. Now, I know someone somewhere "he didnt mean"it or "thats just part of the game" I dont really care. when someone injures an institution like roy halladay, as a jays fan, you must loath that player till the end of his days an who knows the jays probably would have made the playoffs if doc was healthy, i like to think so...this is alvin up north and thats what grinds my gears.